Why are site inspections so important?

A site inspection is more than just looking at rooms and conference spaces, but rather, it’s more about asking the right questions and seeing the venue in action! We know that a lot of people don’t always have time for site inspections, but here are a few reasons why it is so important that you see a venue in the venue selection process.

  1. Besides the obvious, to actually SEE the venue in the flesh.  Sometimes websites can present a much better picture of how a venue looks, you want to know exactly what you’re booking and how it looks in real life!
  2. To get the lay of the land, or so to speak.  It is important for you to know where everything is in the venue in relation to your event.  Are breakout rooms on the same floor and if not, are they easy to get to and find? Are there toilets on the conference floor? Are there enough lifts to move your people through the venue and so on..
  3. Look at the conference spaces – can they really fit 400 pax cabaret style or do they actually mean banquet style with an extra person squeezed in? This is so important to be clear on when planning your event.
  4. To suss out the staff and see them in action. Start your working relationship with the staff when you go on the site inspection, building relationships with the staff working on your event and having the confidence that they will support you and make your event a success will be a huge weight off your shoulders once the venue is locked in.
  5. Taste the food that your delegates will be eating.  Discuss the menus for your event with the staff, see if they are flexible with dietaries and can accomodate the needs of you and your delegates
  6. See how accessible the venue is – is it easy to get too? Is there convenient parking or public transport? What is the location and the surroundings like?
  7. Look at the accommodation you have been quoted – not just the suites!


A top tip we have is that when you are going to attend a site inspection, prepare yourself a checklist for the venue – ie do the rooms have natural light? Are there accessible rooms? Make sure you pre-prepare a list of questions and don’t forget to ask about AV.  Are there any hidden costs and is the venue flexible? This will ensure you have all your bases covered and you can lock in your event with confidence!

At The Conference Shop, once we provide our clients with proposals from different hotels, we ALWAYS encourage site inspections and often set them up for our clients. If you are interested in our FREE venue finding service, contact us here!



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