New Venue Alert: The Barn at Scribbly Farm, Southern Highlands

We are excited to introduce a remarkable new venue for your events and conferences: The Barn at Scribbly Farm in the Southern Highlands. Our founder, Carla, recently visited this stunning location and was thoroughly impressed by its unique offerings and potential.

A Unique Event Space in Nature

The Barn at Scribbly Farm offers a distinctive 200sqm event space set in the heart of the Australian bush. In an era where unique event settings are hard to find, The Barn stands out with its blend of rustic charm and modern amenities. This venue is designed to foster innovation and collaboration, leveraging the power of nature to enhance motivation, mood, and cooperative relationships among attendees.

Versatile and Inspiring Settings

The versatile spaces at The Barn, including the vast open fields, are perfect for encouraging open communication and creative thinking and can easily facilitate all types of team building. The Barn can comfortably seat 100-120 guests, depending on the seating arrangement, making it ideal for both intimate gatherings and larger corporate events.

Enhanced Well-being in Natural Surroundings

Spending time in nature has well-documented benefits, such as improved motivation, enjoyment, mental well-being, and cooperative relationships. The Barn’s natural setting offers these advantages, providing a tranquil and inspiring backdrop for your event. Imagine starting your day with Yoga by the dam, enjoying torchlit tours, and ending the day with campfire nights under the stars.

Exclusive Experiences and Local Partnerships

Scribbly Farm offers unique, grass-roots type conferencing experiences. You can enjoy cocktails in the paddock with fresh truffles from a nearby property or pick mushrooms to cook for lunch or dinner. These niche experiences make your event not only productive but also memorable and enjoyable.

Accommodation and Accessibility

While The Barn offers two premium domes on-site, accommodating up to four guests, they partner with Park Proxi Bowral and other local accommodations for larger groups. This ensures that all attendees have comfortable lodging options. Additionally, the venue is just 20 minutes from Bowral, with transfers covered, making it easily accessible.

Carla’s Insights

Carla shared her enthusiasm for The Barn, noting, “The Dome accommodation was so unique, the property has incredible potential for anyone looking to escape the hotel conference room and get back to nature. You can spend a day in a rural environment, breathe fresh air, and still get the work done. The property is a blank canvas, offering everything from cocktails in the paddock to foraging and cooking mushrooms.”

Why Choose The Barn at Scribbly Farm?

The Barn at Scribbly Farm is perfect for those seeking a unique and inspiring venue for their events. It combines the beauty of nature with modern conveniences, offering a blank canvas to create memorable experiences. Whether you’re planning a conference, team-building event, or a corporate retreat, The Barn provides an exceptional setting that will leave a lasting impression.

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