The Ultimate Guide to Destination Venues and Grants for Events

Popular Destinations for Events and Conferences

When it comes to selecting a destination for events and conferences, several popular options stand out. Sydney, Gold Coast, Bali, and Vietnam are top choices due to their appealing locations and facilities. There is also a noticeable shift away from traditional city settings towards destinations that offer pre- and post-conference experiences, enticing delegates to extend their stay and bring along family. This trend not only boosts conference attendance, but also supports local economies, making these locations more likely to provide funding. The choice of destination ultimately depends on the client’s brief, with a growing preference for regional destinations and Asian hotspots such as Thailand, Japan, and Malaysia.


Types of Venues Available in Popular Destinations

The type of venue available in these popular destinations varies based on size, location, and budget. Hotels and resorts are common, especially for creating memorable delegate experiences. Convention centres are typically reserved for larger conferences and are usually located in cities due to their accessibility and capacity to accommodate large numbers. With smaller, unique destinations, hotels and resorts are often the primary venue options. We can help with this though, and will find you the best venue options to suit your brief.


Securing Grants for Events

Securing grants for events requires knowledge of available funding opportunities and how to apply for them (we can help with this!). Working on your behalf, we can speak to the bureau to see if your event meets the funding criteria, and advise you on how to apply. If you require assistance with the application process, we can assist with this too. Bureau’s promote their annual grant applications for business events of which we’re aware of. It is crucial to apply for grants before finalising the event location to maximise funding opportunities.


Key Factors in Choosing a Destination Venue

When choosing a destination venue, you’ll want to keep these things in mind:

– Access for delegates

– Leisure options for accompanying family members

– Venue facilities

– Group activity options

– Pre and post event possibilities

For international destinations, it’s also important to consider visa requirements and exchange rates.


Maximising Chances of Securing Grants

To maximise the chances of securing grants, event planners should have detailed knowledge of their event’s figures and targets (be very familiar with your brief). Grant applications rely heavily on event statistics, both qualitative and quantitative. Clearly defined event objectives and strategies to achieve them are crucial for a successful application.


Events Likely to Receive Grant Funding

National and international events are often prioritised by bureaus, with a particular focus on international events due to their significant economic impact. Grants are not limited to specific types of events, but typically have criteria based on attendee numbers and their origins.


Typical Grant Amounts

The amount of grant funding varies, but is often calculated per attendee, such as $150 per person. Factors influencing the grant amount include the size and frequency of the conference, as well as whether it is national or international.


Required Documentation for Grant Applications

Grant applications generally require budgets, post-event statistics from previous events, and event forecasts. The application process is straightforward, with guidance provided for applicants. Information on delegate numbers and their origins is also typically required.


Timing for Grant Applications

Event planners should apply for grants early in the planning process, before deciding on the destination. Early engagement with us can help ensure all funding opportunities are explored and the application process is handled efficiently.

By addressing these critical aspects, you can navigate the complexities of choosing destination venues and securing grants effectively, ensuring successful and memorable events.

But don’t worry, we are here to help every step of the way and make this process simple. The Conference Shop is your one stop for all things event venues, so make sure you get in touch today for help with your next event! Contact us here!




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