Feel confident planning events during COVID

Our top 5 tips for event planners right now

As restrictions and lockdowns start to become a thing of the past and we emerge from our COVID bubbles, here are some helpful tips to give you the confidence to start planning your events.


1. Prepare to be flexible.

When it comes to your event brief you need to be flexible and open to new options. For example, events that may normally be cabaret seating, you may need to switch to theatre style to meet the square metre rules.

Instead of seeing this as a limitation, why not see it as an opportunity to try something new. You never know, you may even be pleasantly surprised!

Follow the links below to stay up to date with the rules of your state or territory 


2. Have a Plan B 

With events over the past two years being pushed back and rescheduled, the availability of dates is getting narrower. So in the case that your preferred event dates are unavailable, make sure that you have a Plan B (and even a Plan C) in mind. That way when it comes time for us to find you a venue, we can find an opening on at least one of your preferred dates.


3. Start planning ahead

Following on from the last point, dates are starting to book up and the market is quite compressed. This is not just for this year and next, but for events in 2023 and beyond. So our advice as always is to plan ahead and get your event calendar sorted for the next few years to ensure first choice of venues and suppliers.


4. Include a force majeure in your contract.

The ultimate peace of mind for planning events during covid is knowing that if circumstances change between now and then, that your company is protected.

Therefore, including a force majeure clause is crucial for protecting you against things out of your control like changing government restrictions. Luckily this is something that we are experts in and therefore can negotiate with the venue on your behalf before you sign the contract.


5. Choose venues with proven COVID safe practices

Although restrictions are easing, a lot of states will still require ‘COVID safe plans’ to be in place for organised events.

So to save yourself the stress of working this out for yourself, we can help match you to a venue that has systems in place for COVID safe events. Therefore things like cleaning, safe food handling, and flow of guests will be easier for you to navigate and meet with government guidelines.


Would you like some assistance? 

If you still feel a little overwhelmed or unsure about how to move forward, please know that we are here to help! So if you would like to have a chat about how to get started call us on (02) 4861 5973 or alternatively you send through your brief HERE.



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