Online team building ideas for during lockdown

Right now more than ever, connectivity is so important. With many of us now working from home and not having regular interactions with our peers, lack of focus and feelings of isolation are just a few of the side effects of this pandemic. But the good news is it doesn’t have to be this way! In fact, there are now so many fun and innovative online team-building options for you to reconnect with your peers during the lockdown.

Here are our top five ideas for online team-building.


1. Online wine tastings

Just because we can’t travel right now doesn’t mean that you and your team can’t enjoy a wine tasting from the comfort of your home! Since covid has impacted tourism greatly, many innovative wineries have taken their tasting services online with wine packs now delivered to your door. One business that offers a great corporate tasting package is Handpicked wines where you and your group can book a guided zoom session with their winemaker and even ‘add on’ a cheese and charcuterie accompaniment. Talk about a nice way to end the week!

2. Virtual escape rooms

What better way to strengthen your team bond than by working together on an escape!
Just like the popular real-life rooms, a virtual escape room is a game in which you need to work together to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks before time runs out.

With so many online options to choose from, Pinnacle Team Events offers an excellent one that is specifically designed for corporate team building. Or you can check out many of the themed online options such as bank heists, Hogwarts, and sci-fi thrillers.


3. Learn to make something 

For a lot of us, this extra time at home has inspired us to get creative and start experimenting with new hobbies. So why not reconnect with your team by taking an online class together and learn something new!

With online classes and tutorials now being so vastly available, the options for you and your teammates are endless. But if you would like some inspiration, some of our favourite virtual classes include: creating your own terrarium, how to make dumplings, or a beginner’s painting class (all of which deliver materials to you ahead of time). To see what online classes are offered in your area you can check out websites like Classbento.


4. Online Yoga session

Has working from home got you feeling a little stressed out? If you said ‘YES!’ maybe a guided yoga session is a good option for you. With so many instructors now offering online classes via zoom, you could book a morning session to boost your team’s energy and get everyone in a clear headspace for the day ahead.

Or why not try a lunchtime session to get everyone up and moving away from their desk. Not only is yoga a fantastic way to de-stress and reconnect with our bodies, but it can help to stretch you out and improve posture – something that’s so important for those of us with makeshift home offices!


5. Book a comedian 

Finally, escape the daily negative news cycle and enliven your team up with a good old fashion laugh. During the lockdown, some of Australia’s funniest comedians have been working on new ways to keep teams connected and entertained while at home.

Some of their ideas include hosting trivia, bingo, or an ‘expert’ visual presentation like “How to spruce up your Zoom” and “Webinar Fashion 101 (top-half only)”. Or maybe you have a team member that hit a milestone but won’t be taken out to dinner? Well, that sounds like a great opportunity to deliver them a roast!


We hope that this has given you some ideas and inspiration for your own team. If you need help planning any future events feel free to reach out to us.





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