Meet Molly Carpenter from Oaks Metropole

Molly Carpenter is the Hotel Functions Manager at Oaks Metropole Hotel in Townsville. Read on to find out more about Townsville. 

Why should corporates conference in Townsville? 
Townsville is in an excellent location that is also a hub for mining, port access, health, and defence in North Queensland. Conferencing is Townsville offers a great opportunity not only to see a different part of the world, but also reach out to a wide variety of clientele who don’t have access to the resources and opportunities that major cities offer. On top of this, if you get the chance, you can take some time to check out some award winning restaurants, interesting history walks, the reef right on our doorstep. The beautiful Magnetic Island is only 15 minutes away by ferry.

What’s the one thing everyone should do/try/visit when they’re in Townsville?
I grew up on Magnetic Island so it holds a very special place in my heart. I think Townsville and its surrounds are full of fun adventures that if you look hard enough, anyone can find; but definitely Maggie [Magnetic Island]! It has beautiful beaches (sometimes you are the only one there if you can find the right beach), crystal clear waterfalls in summer and breathtaking sunsets. People do need to remember that even though it is a tourist destination, it has a population that loves it’s wildlife and untouched beaches. Be considerate when you visit and then everyone will be able to enjoy it for the years to come!



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