Identifying your client’s needs

You may have noticed that a common thread mentioned throughout our tips for planning conferences was the importance of understanding your client’s needs, but what can you do to make sure that you do understand their needs? Well, this week we have that covered too! Read on for another Q&A with our venue specialists!

What is the most effective way to identify your company or client’s needs when event planning? The most effective way to identify the needs when you’re planning an event is to conduct a pre-planning session with all relevant stakeholders. In this session, have a list of any questions you might have or things you may need more clarity on. This is key to knowing the expectations of the event from the very beginning. Afterwards, have regular check-ins to ensure everyone is up to date and on the same page. 

Why is this important? The answer is simple, being on the same page and being clear about objectives will save you time and ensure a successful event because the expectations are understood. Objectives and priorities may change over the duration of the planning process, which is why regular check-ins are equally important as an initial pre-planning session.

What are examples of common needs to consider? Unfortunately, this isn’t a one size fits all topic. Needs will vary client to client and are event dependent. Do they want to break-even or make a profit? Is the experience of the delegates or the actual program content more important? The answers won’t always be the same and will depend upon the event’s objective.

Can you ensure your event will meet all the required needs? How? This might not always be possible – but clear communication, regularly reviewing briefs, budgets and objectives with clear and honest communication is the best way to ensure that your event meets the required needs. Needs may change throughout the process, but as long as everyone agrees with the changes, you’re still meeting them in the outcome. 

The Conference Shop is here to help make event planning easier. In fact, a previous survey that we conducted found that we save EAs and event planners an average of 17 hours per event! Contact us today to use our FREE venue sourcing service so you can spend more time on the event objectives whilst we find you the best available venues for your brief. 




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