10 things about The Conference Shop

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work with us? Here are the answers to the top 10 questions we get asked all the time about The Conference Shop.


What does The Conference Shop do?

The Conference Shop offers a free venue finding service to anyone planning a corporate event.


Who do you help?

We help in-house event managers, EAs, PAs, agencies and anyone that organises business or corporate events.


Your service is free. How does that work? 

Our service has been free from the day we started the business 11 years ago. We are paid commission by the venue chosen by the client.


What about COVID restrictions – will you help us manage that? 

Absolutely – we can request COVID-safe plans from the respective venues and work with you to manage that.


What about cancellations and rescheduling – do you help with that?

This is something we are expert in! We will request that a force Majeure clause is included in the contract, as well as the cancellation clause. In the event that our clients need to postpone, we can definitely assist.


Where should I take my conference this year?

I would love to say anywhere but things are still quite uncertain when it comes to border restrictions. Conferencing regionally is a good way to go and a great way for corporates to assist economies still struggling to recover from the bush fires. Again, it depends on each brief that comes in. We are very transparent with our clients and talk through options objectively.


What about incentives – can you help with organising those? 

Definitely. There are so many gorgeous destinations and venues in Australia that cater to incentive groups.


How does your famil program work?

The Conference Shop’s famil program is an opportunity for event planners to see first-hand what their delegates would experience for their event.  They get to taste, see and feel the venue and its surroundings. Nothing beats seeing a venue in person.  It also gives clients security in knowing that the venue will work for them.


Why should I work with you?

Working with The Conference Shop is a seamless experience and I remember one client saying to us that we are like ‘family’ which was beautiful.  We will save you so much time by doing all of the research and leg work for your events. We care for our clients personally and this often leads to great friendships.


Are you affiliated with anyone? 

No, we are not affiliated with anyone so our advice and suggestions are completely objective.


Any other questions?

If you have any other questions or you need help booking a venue for your next event, please Contact us today.




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