Getting to know Fiji

Why should you host an event or a conference in Fiji?  
Short, direct flights from lots of capital cities, sharp pricing options for groups, and the warm Fiji welcome make this a really fun place to visit. It’s especially easy for Aussie delegates as the power points are the same, you can drink the tap water, you don’t need a visa and you don’t need any jabs. Plus, everyone speaks English (as well as Hindi and Fijian!). 

What about attractions? What are a few must-see things in Fiji? 
We went on a tour to the local Sabeto Sangam School with Rosie Tours. It is a small primary school with school roll of 335 students from nearby farming community. Our group built some new desks for the kids that we then donated to the school.

What accommodation options are available for business events in Fiji?
It all depends on the size of your group. Fiji can accommodate all groups sizes in all types of accommodation styles.  From overwater bungalows, to hinterland retreats and luxury resorts, Fiji has you covered.

What should you pack for a trip to Fiji?  
Refillable water bottle (it’s hot), sunscreen, hat, swimmers and comfy walking shoes (and reef shoes if you’re planning to go snorkelling or diving). 

What is the most unexpected thing you have discovered while you’ve been there?  
We learnt a lot about local Fijian culture. Did you know that if you give someone a whale tooth and they accept it, you can pretty much ask them to give you anything you want – the Chiefdom of their village, their daughter’s hand in marriage, their house. It’s the ultimate power gift! 



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